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Our Worship

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Our worship consists of prayer, singing, giving, preaching, and partaking of the Lords Supper.

1. One of the most frequent observations about the church of Christ is that we sing accapella or without the use of mechanical instruments. In seeking to worship God in accordance with what is written in the New Testament we find that in each passage where the subject of music in the worship of the church is addressed the command is to "sing". Therefore we sing from our hearts without the use of mechanical instruments.

2. Another aspect of our worship is the Lords Supper each Sunday. This memorial was established by Jesus on the night he was betrayed (Matthew 26:26-28). Jesus said we are to do this in memory of Him (1 Cor. 11:24-25). The elements of the Lords Supper are unleavened bread and fruit of the vine. In our effort to follow the New Testament as closely as we know how we find that the early christians came together on the first day of the week to break bread (Acts 20:7). Thus, this memorial feast is a part of our worship each Sunday.


3. At several points in our worship service various men of the congregation lead us in prayer. In Acts 2:42 we are told that the early christians continued steadfast in the teachings of the apostles, in fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer. God longs for us to pray to Him and we believe very strongly in the power and effectiveness of prayer.

4. During worship our members have the opportunity to give financially so that the work of the church can continue. In I Corinthians 16:2, Paul instructed the church to lay aside money on the first day of the week so that there would be funds available when he came to help needy people elsewhere. In II Corinthians 9:7 Paul also told them they should determine what they would give and to do so with a cheerful heart. With our funds we help support mission work around the world and assist needy individuals in our local area. We view this as the sole responsibility of our membership and do not expect our guests to give.

5. As in many churches, another part of our service is the sermon or the message. Our sermons are filled with practical application of Biblical princples relevant to today's fast paced society. Each sermon can be requested on CD form. You will also find text and audio files of these sermons elsewhere on this site.